Writers Against Writer’s Carnival- Join Something Great

I’m putting together a group I’ve decided, writer’s against writers carnival. Spread the word, anyone that is looking for a place to get genuine, professional opinion toward their writing, or just wants a place to converse with like minded individuals, feel free to join up.
You can find the group here:

I don’t even care if you are a part of writer’s carnival, life is full of mistakes, this group is to help you overcome it. It will also be a place to help get your blog looked at by other talented individuals, consider it a win-win scenario.

So, to begin with I am going to tackle the whole idea of respect. The universal concept of respect respect is keeping an open mind, debating opinion without personal investment, after all, thoughts are thoughts. Respect is the security of acceptance, accepting who we are, accepting others, having opinions, and expressing them.

Unfortunately, some people, *cough* writer’s carnival *cough*, can’t stand the idea of someone sharing an opinion outside of their own. When one comes around they battle it like it is some horrid disease, the outcome most of the time of making the website stand on the grounds of what I know as communism, they call it a community.

For all you history buffs out there, I’m not too familiar with communism, but I know at some point or another it got its ass kicked. The US stepped in and stomped on it, as an act to ‘re-enact’ history, I stomped on the communism known as writer’s carnival. The result, some support group discussion, what the fuck, really?

When you electronically get your ass kicked the result apparently is creating a support group about bullying. Judging from what I read on it, I’m sure we all yell at carrots, about as much as we all play with zombie dolls, where the hell do they come up with these frames of thinking? I’m going to spark note this shit, adult attention span and all, but you will get the idea of what I mean:

Lets talk about big bad bullies!

So they decided it was important to give dictionary references to what words mean and then give proper examples.

“Opinion: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

Example of Opinion: I don’t like carrots because I think they taste funny and I dislike the way the crunch when I bite into them OR Cats are hairy and I don’t like hair because it makes me sneeze. I wish cat owners would keep their animals indoors.

Abuse: to speak insultingly or cruelly to; revile.

Example of Abuse: I hate carrots because they’re stupid, ugly little arses and they are a disgrace to the vegetable family OR Cats are vile, putrid beasts and anyone who owns them is an idiot who deserves to die.”

Well shit, I don’t know about everyone else who read that, but I feel like I might be a little bit stupider as a result. I personally want my brain cells back.

The last time that I saw a documentary-themed ANYTHING on bullying and such I can tell you that the characters in the story were not fucking carrots. They were human beings that could express emotion and show the result of what happens when improper treatment occurs, however, on writer’s carnival, communism being one of the key elements, the character is portrayed as something that is incapable of responding to a given kind of treatment. 

From that point of view it is quite accurate, that is about as dead on as it gets when it comes to being a part of that miserable, horrible site. 

So, back to my group, calling all writers who want to grow and improve:

At Writers Against Writer’s Carnival here is what you can expect:

Opinion will be met with intellect, not oppression. Ideas are discussed and appreciated, not controlled and edited. The ability to thinks and speak for one’s self is an entitlement for anyone that had the ability to draw breath, and in some cases, some of the greatest lessons ever taught come from those who have already passed on.

What this group will be, will be a networking platform for people that want to talk with like-minded individuals. It will be a place to promote blogs, discuss strategy, whether it is around writing strategy, social media approach, blog promotion, personal writing technique, ect.
It will exist as a tool, never a hindrance.

What it will not be: writers carnival. Nice when you have something to reference that can sum it all up in one word. Saves a lot of time.

Feel free to join today, I have end say on who can and can’t be a part of the group, lets me prevent certain people from joining, it’s a safety hazard 🙂

Feel free to drop in and become a part of something great.


Let me know your thoughts

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