Bleed For Me

Possible novel idea, just tossing around ideas in my head and threw this together:

Bleed For Me

How far would you go to save the ones you love? Turns out I would give it all, that is how this story begins. I’m Sean, I’m a part of a race that is nearly extinct. I don’t know our name, it was never fully explained to me. In out race we existed, and that was good enough.
Normally a story comes with a beginning, a middle, and an end. This is going to come with a beginning, and then it is going to be you living through my eyes, through my choices, and living my footsteps.
So, let the tale begin…
The beginning
The air was thick, the feeling if hatred was linked to the very atmosphere I was walking in. We were being invaded, barbarians. My family had been killed, I was making my way to the home of the girl that I loved. Chaos was erupting around me, but the only thing I could think of was ‘her’.
I got to the house to find that the door was kicked in. I ran in and found ‘her’ kneeling beside her parents, dead parents, crying. I took her in my arms and told her, “It will be okay, I’m here, I won’t let anything happen to you.”
A moment later 4 barbarians came through the door laughing, and then something happened, time froze.
“What would you give to save her?”
I thought I was losing my mind. I had to be, was this death?
“Would you give anything to save her? Last time I’m asking, then I will just watch you two get slaughtered, but I like you.”
“I would give anything, yes, anything at all, just say what you want.”
He named his terms, I had no choice but to comply. We survived, I became something else, she would never remember me or the love we shared, and I was not allowed to speak to her of it or I would be forfeit of my life.
We got to live and my sacrifice was the very essence of what makes love, love. I sacrificed everything to protect ‘her’.
A new life
So that was it, the attack on our home ended shortly after. I was rescued, she was rescued, I loved her, she knew me as a boy from the same town. I made a deal with something that didn’t give me its name, only its terms, and we survived to tell the tale.
I had to let her live her life as she chose to, I became known for my strength and my ability to protect the innocent, meanwhile the prince fell in love with ‘her’ and I had no choice but to let it happen. It was that or die, and while the pain inside made me want to die, I couldn’t protect her if I put myself in the ground.
If life was only that simple…this life was filled with good and evil, filled with war and bloodshed, filled with magic and the unknown, and this story was just beginning.
I heard the screaming, the fighting, the commands to retreat. I was waiting in a room that could be called a dungeon, but to me it felt like home. I felt like a prisoner in my own life, and then I heard ‘her’.
“You have to run, you have to, they are coming!”
I remember the last time I ran…I may have saved us, but that whole feeling of fear left me. Only duty now…when you lose everything and you live for something, you put that first.
Silly girl… when you lived the life I did you didn’t get to choose how to live, but how to die, that’s another story.
“No one will harm you Princess, my word.”
“The prince is dead, we have to go…”
Is it nasty to be happy when someone dies? To me hearing those words was kind of like telling me there is hope to regain her heart, true, I couldn’t tell her who I was, but maybe my natural charm could draw her in…okay, maybe I was fucked…time will tell.
“Princess, move along, I have a duty to protect you, I will let no harm come your way, keep moving and get to a place of safety.”
A moment later they came. A group of them, barbarians of a sort, on the hunt.
“Give us the girl and you will live slave”
Did this asshole really just call me a slave…? There are wolves…and there are sheep…and this guy was going to learn quickly what it meant to be mauled by a predator. I motioned toward the princess,
“Her? You want her? Sure,” I smiled. A grin that spread like the most infectious disease, “Oh, you have to come through me to get to her.”
I looked back at the Princess, “Go on, this is your chance to get a head start”
“This is suicide, come with me!”
“Enough. Stupid girl, go. Going to get us killed by acting like a brat”
What? Girls liked to be treated like shit, this was my key to have her talk to me later…if there was a later, one problem at a time.
She turned and ran.
I looked back at the savages, the animals, “Now, you assholes, I’m going to give you one chance to walk away. This is it, you turn and leave now, I don’t give a shit where you go, but if I see you again, I will kill you.”
They laughed.
“You are but one man, we are four. We will slice your throat and make your little girl there our play thing”
You can lead a horse to water…but you can’t force the stupid fucking thing to drink now can you?
“I hope you are ready to die, you see, I am. You threaten the things that I care for and my life is the price I’m willing to pay, are you ready to die?”
I looked at them and took in what they were feeling, I could smell it. I could sense the fear that was pushing through their mental patterns, I could sense the uncertainty they felt, about what they were truly getting into, and then the first one charged.
Again, I smiled. My eyes changed the color of crimson red and I caught the barbarian that ran at me by his lower jaw, I had my hand in a downward position holding his lower jaw, and then I ripped down, I ripped this fuckers jaw right off.
He screamed. I would too if all I had was a tongue flapping around and no lower jaw to cover it up again, what can I say, I warned him.
That’s when the rest came, they came flooding in more and more by the second, so I fought back.
Conflict and chaos were music to my ears, I cared about little, but threaten the things I love…
I felt the blows landing one after another, killing blows, as my foes began to drop and pile on the ground, but no matter how good you are in a fight, you fight enough people, and you are going to get your own blows.
I felt the fatigue begin to kick in as additional blows landed, but I continued to fight, I wouldn’t give in. I fought them back to the door, blood that had rushed up my throat I spit in the eyes of my opponents to blind while I dealt more blows.
I let out an inhumane growl and the remaining barbarians in the room ran, yeah, I mentioned I was no longer really myself right?
I pushed myself back against the wall feeling the blood rush out of me, as I looked across the room I saw one last figure come into the room, it must have been the leader of this barbarian group.
“You fought bravely, but for what? Now you die, no future, nothing to look forward to.”
Says you mother fucker, says you.
“I tell you what, I make it quick. I end you and I take pretty princess for bride, sound good my friend?”
You know what they say about adrenaline, it empowers. It allows people to do impossible things, lift cars, save babies, the whole lot, what people forget to mention is adrenaline combatted with adrenaline can have interesting results, apparently this guy wasn’t happy about losing his fighters. I charged him with an inhuman roar and he shoved his sword right through my belly, I dropped to the ground coughing blood.
“You see, I was going to make quick, but then you have to try and be hero. What are you trying to prove? Just me and you here.”
I laughed, I must have sounded insane, maybe I was insane. I was spitting blood, I had a feral smile on my face, and I just began to smile like I had a god damn comedy kick off going on in front of me, and then came the rush I was looking for. I felt the rage, the anger, the change, and I charged him. Try to block this one asshole.
“I’m not interested in dying you piece of pillaging shit, you on the other hand, you would make a good play thing. Maybe I will make a necklace out of your bones when I’m done with you.”
“Your eyes, what are you? You are not human, you are damned, there is no way you could survive that wound and move this way if you are human”
“Well look at that, you got something right after all”
And with that I snapped his neck. I dropped the piece of shit right where he stood, and then I changed back. My energy was gone, fatigue was setting in, and I felt the effect of my blood loss. I crawled to the corner of the room ready to accept if this was my end, I protected ‘her’ until the end, I did my part…I did all I could…and with that I blacked out.

When I woke up I was in a bed, my wounds were wrapped, my entire body felt sore, but I was alive. Next to me was ‘her’.
“You are awake…I don’t know how you did it, but you held them off…allies came shortly after and chased the remaining hostiles away. Without you I would have died, I owe you my life.”
“You owe me nothing, Princess”
She didn’t. She was my heart, for better or worse and all that. Silly as it sounds, it’s the truth.
“You make it seem like nothing, Why would you risk your life for me, you don’t even know me, no one is that loyal”
I had to swallow that comment, loyal. If only she knew, but a deal is a deal. If a man can’t be of his word, then what is the man?
“It was my duty”
I left it simple as that. I felt myself drifting off to sleep, dreaming about ‘her’ and thinking about ways I could get around this deal without getting myself killed in the process, so far, I was doing a shitty job.


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2 thoughts on “Bleed For Me

    • Hey Riss,
      Great to see you my friend 🙂 I’m glad that you stopped in. This has some typos but I’ve been badly burned out lately from writing so was kind if something I put together “on the spot” so to speak.
      Doubt that I will continue it, my attention span doesn’t work favorably with novels haha. I have the ideas, the attention span though… Dun dun.


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