Hope’s Last Call

My eyes have been tainted
With the shades of betrayal
The blinds don’t block the light anymore
The sun went away long ago
In my world of twisted shadows
It’s a bunch of familiar faces
Molded how I wish to see them
Because the truth behind them is too ugly to see

I walk these desecrated streets
Scars of broken souls the scene
You’d think the end has come already
Yet in fact we are just fighting for what’s inevitable

You can hold back what you feel
But the truth stands before us all
And only so much can be tried
For a world that has come undone

It’s the loose touch in the screw
The picture that is incomplete
That is the world we live in
Because completion, and acceptance
Has become a rarity, as opposed to commodity

We seek the impossible
In a society that lives a vindicator
Of social status
So look into the mirror
And take in what you see
Cause in this obscene rarity
We see ourselves; a living being

Wishing to be taken in
We can only be ourselves
Live the day; phases of hell
And in the end, hope to stand tall
A breathing being, at hope’s last call

Image frmo: http://www.evangelicalsforsocialaction.org


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