A Tale of Loss

Every step I take
Feels like a pulse of pain awaits
I’d try to crack a smile
Yet the only crack is deep inside
A heart corroded to the core
Blankets of loss, rows of closed doors
From everything I took inside
And shut away to block my eyes
Living hasn’t felt the same
And I just want to get away

I’d kill to feel something
To get away from feeling nothing
There’s not much left of me now
Every day collects a price
Some kind of break would be so nice
The air that brushes past my face
The life that’s left it has no taste

But inside is moving, and I can’t pretend
I’m waiting for all this to move on and end

My eyes forecast a tale of loss
A life that pays the final cost
I feel my breathing, it’s starting to slow
The bandage is seeping, I’ve nowhere to go
I’m watching life fading, it’s breaking so fast
Inside is dying, it’s not gonna last
This last breath I’m breathing, I’m thinking of you
I tried to push on, did all I could do

Now that I’m watching, each step that you take
The wind that keeps you just a little more safe
I’m watching you grow now, the smile is me
You’re everything I could ask you to be

Take it all in, hold your head high
I will be watching, perched in the sky
I will protect you, and cast away pain

You are the love that carries my name


Image from: sheisnotapoet.com

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