I’d walk a new path, pave a new way
But I’m so used to yesterday

Tattooed with words of degradation
But “he loves me”, she said
At least in her own mind
Yet at night he was out
Seeing more of her kind

The comfort of the ‘has been’
Of the ‘what’s supposed to be’
Is often just enough to hang
To stick around, to pray to see

How could someone turn
And take a look the other way
It seem like only yesterday, we were declaring vows
Polar opposites from where were sitting now

Human nature has many sitting blind
Half of us are stirring
Leaving hopes behind
The other half wait knowing
A broken heart is all they’ll find

We can hang on to our memories
Can think about the times we held
Ones true colors are the only thing that matters
Often we find this out too late

Beneath the skin what do you see
Will you take some pain for me
Or inflict it to accomplish your own need

Cause love is the art of sacrifice

I’d cut myself to the bone for you
I have an alter where I pray
Cause love has become the ultimate pity
People praise it for what it’s not
And have forgotten what it can grant

See it for what it is…a foundation
Because with it you can grow forever

And in its absence…you forget who you are


2 thoughts on “Absense

    • Absolutely,
      I’m an analyzer of human behavior and find the pain and hardships that we go through to all be experiences that push us to our limits in one way or another. It’s about overcoming fear and pain and learning to live again.
      Thanks for checking it out and leaving a thought 🙂


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