I’m Guilty of Judging People

Call me an asshole, I call it strict policy of honesty. After all, if you can’t be honest with yourself, who can you be honest with?

Anyways, yes, I’m guilty of judging people, I really am, but so is everyone. Anyone that takes the time to actually think about what they are saying, and then actually comes out and says “I don’t judge people”, Is full of shit. We are all guilty of setting up a pre-determination of people, whether you are looking across the mall and seeing how someone behaves, or reading an email or article (such as this) there is always a spark of natural intellect where people begin to build an opinion, and bad news, that’s life. If you can’t handle life, I hear there are quite a few ways to check out early, not that I would encourage that, unless you are one of the people that just truly suck, then by all means, provide the world a small mercy, it would be appreciated.
You know those people who kind of keep to themselves and always seem to have a way to judge people quickly, without taking the time to get to know them? They seem pretty ignorant huh? Well, news flash, I could be there spokesperson, because hell, I do it all the time.

The fact is I’ve gotten through enough years of life to rely on instinct and observation, and I’ve grown to a point to accept a few things about life, and people.

1. If you look like a dick, chances are, you are probably a dick.
2. Dressing in a way to bring eyes to you may get you attention, but it wont get you respect.
3. The way you compose yourself and act creates a judgment that never goes away. First impressions are forever.
4. Pretending is stupid—be yourself, it will show eventually anyway.

Yep—I like to judge, and I judge very, very hard. For the simple fact that I believe in things in this way—Life is what you make it, and who you bring into and involve in your life should be a fairly small number.

I’d rather have a few close knit friends and a bundle of trust, then a bunch of people that I can claim I’ve been around before who truly don’t give a shit about me. I constantly see people on this die hard mission to be everyones friend and be liked by everyone, takes way too much effort, for me, better to find a few worth the time, the rest, sorry, don’t care.

To judge—The evaluation of people

So there are a lot of things that draw attention, I’m going to label and analyze a few for the purpose of simple amusement, but education as well.

The ‘thug’– All right, now let me explain something. If you live in a tough city area and you develop a tough exterior, and a physical psyche that makes you hard to intimidate, by all means, carry on. If you live in the suburbs, in a half a million dollar house, have all your ‘needs’ bought from mommy and daddy, and attempt the thug life…well you know how you hear about suicides and people jumping off bridges? Look into where they did it, and join them.

Tilting your hat sideways and taking up a persona on account you like rap music is something that has plagued society. It’s like a new breed of retardation hit the public eye and the government simply kept it under wraps. 2 Pac runs around screaming about respect and loyalty, gets shot, and suddenly people from then on were like “Imma a thug for realz”, no, you’re not. People who consider themselves to be thugs are morons, and there isn’t a more annoying thing to run into.


The girl who goes out of her way for attention– We have all dealt with this phenomena, whether you are the poor bastard trying to manage the girl, or the friend who tries to convince her she is drawing bad attention to herself. We all know her as the girl who loves attention, when in fact is she is either a full on bimbo or just plain stupid.

“I don’t get what they are looking at, it’s just a shirt”, yeah, maybe from when she was about 8 years old. As we grow our clothing is meant to grow with us, when you can no longer shop in the baby aisle of various clothing outlets, sad as it may seem, it is time to move to the teenager section.

I don’t know what grants a bigger headache, listening to this person talk about how no one respects them, or the 300 pound white dude that claims they are going to be the next Big Pun.

The know-it-all– Ever have a conversation with someone who seems to have the world encyclopedia in their head? While this is a reference of figurative imagination, it truly is how they act. You could be talking about a scandal that happened in Brazil in one of the very remote towns and they will pretend like they know all about it.

If there is one label that I can potentially own better than most, this would be the one affiliated with yours truly. The fact is, I try to keep an awareness of what is going on around me, but there is a fine line between being knowledgable and acting like you know it all. I try to keep well within the lines of this boundary 🙂

One, It’s okay to be receptive once and a while and seem interested in a another’s thoughts and opinions, and two, people like this make you want to duct tape their mouth so that you can enjoy the sound of a breeze once and a while.

The ‘Player’– Ding Ding Ding here comes the dickmobile. Last stop, the player: The person who feels they can have all and have to respect no one. This can be male or female even though it has been based more around the male persona. The player is someone who has no respect for feelings or emotions and are not only assholes, they are insecure.

They are the same people that when discovered will cry about being alone and how they don’t know how to be loved, pathetic. Replacing internal pain with selfish behavior, dick or whore, could be either, but all together, pieces of shit.

The person with their hand always out– This is the person who is always asking for favors and help, yet, never has the time when you need the favor returned. These people are easy to judge, and easy to dislike. We live in a world of give and return, if you just take, take, take, you are marked annoying and a pain in the ass.

Don’t get me wrong, we all hit times of hardship, but the people who refuse to try and stand on their own just drive me nuts. I see people with families doing everything they can to make ends meet, the challenge to push on being difficult, but met with a care to do better. The people who always have their hand out have given up, and sorry, but when you give up on yourself, that makes you a loser.
I call these the ‘litter of society’ as well as the majority of the population. Pretend and tell yourself otherwise, I suppose it’s healthier, but, I’m unhealthy.
To judge is to be

Like it or not, judgment is a part of life, it’s part of what makes us, us, and what composes our values. By accurately taking in what is around us it gives us a standard of how to behave, and what to expect. It is the very development of our common instinct.


2 thoughts on “I’m Guilty of Judging People

  1. Hi there Sean long time no see ( so to speak) I can definitely relate to this and am definitely guilty as charged. It is brutally honest and with a touch of humour as well which does not detract from the message cheers


    • Anonymous,
      Thank you for the comment, I appreciate your words and your time in reading my rant 🙂 I wouldn’t be able to accurately guess who this is so I will not try, haha. Sometimes it is best to view life from a perspective of brutal honest and try to find ways to lighten it from individual perception.

      Hope all is well.


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