I’d make a wish but it seems my tongues tied
My dreams have become a filet
An arrangement of misplaced desires
Because it seems I’ve been left alone
With only my thoughts to hear me

I’d shrug it aside
But the razors have dug too deep
I’ve lost the feelings in my arms
And I can’t seem to make the big decisions anymore
Can’t you see me now
I’m everything you want to be
The hopeless tied to misery
And I can’t seem to find myself now a-days

Sing a song for me
Cause the harmony I was promised
Isn’t half of what it was claimed to be

I came out of the darkness; seeking reflection
Countless reflections of me
And a heart that’s bleeding out
That at one time was on my sleeve

And I’m just looking for a way
A way to see the end
Cause you can’t begin to dream
When closing your eyes brings so many nightmares


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