Life Inside the Air

My heart is tied in knots
I’m left with what I’ve got
You would think it is enough
The problem is, it’s not

The dreams have spilled away
They’ve tarnished over time
I’ve been checking under rocks
And hating what I find

Inside is worn out
What is life all about?
The questions for the taking
And the numb I’ve been faking
It’s like a scar that’s my mind
All the pain I seem to find
And a fair pair of eyes set
To all that I despise

Inside is a mess
It’s built up of the past
A string of empty hopes
That faded way too fast

With all that’s left inside
I can only close my eyes
The things that matter most
Are drifting farther in the tide
Can’t find the words to say
A voice that’s empty day to day
It’s all thats left of me
In the nightmares that I see

Won’t you take my hand
And tell me of a plan
Take me far away from here
When I’m living with a fear
I’m locked inside a cage
Yet there is no where for me
What is it that I am
What is there left for me?

As I’m fading with the wind
Will you grace me with a smile
Will you still come to see me?
When you’re living in the past
You’re a message in the sky
You’re the ghost of memory

Yet I will watch you still
For it’s my purpose there
I’m the voice of the wind
Th life inside the air

This poem can be interpreted a lot of ways, I was pulling it together off the top of my head so it leaves a lot of room for analysis. To me it is about someone that passed on that is confused, that still feels things, still has nightmares and lost times that once brought happiness, yet they are lost and only have time to think.
The reference to the voice in the air and the “will you take my hand” has to do with the fact that someone visits them and they want to be taken away from where they are, yet they are stuck in the afterlife.

2 thoughts on “Life Inside the Air

    • Craig,
      Thanks for dropping in my friend 🙂 glad i pained a good picture here. I was trying to drive the idea of “experienced life” so looks like I achieved it.
      Always great to hear from you,


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