Walking Blind

It’s tongue is drenched in hate
But still it gets inside
I’m feeling for some truth
But finding only lies
It’s like a splinter
It digs deep inside
The more I reach in
The more I give inside

It’s that thing there
It just hangs around
It drifts in the air
It keeps you on the ground
Can’t lift your head
It drives you out of your mind
But it will be there
When nothing’s left to find

It’s the darkness
Staring at my back
It’s the question
Where is everything at?
It’s the need for
A chance to breathe
It’s the moment
I lost what made me, me

It’s the pain there
Behind my eyes
The core to everything
And everything lies
The door to hatred
So broken inside
Come take a look
It’s one hell of a ride

It is my black hole
The shadow of my soul
I try to take a breath
But have no control
I feel my skin seethe
It’s hard to believe
I’ve lost everything
That once could make me

Still it follows
Watching where I go
I take a step, but inside
There is nothing to know
It’s the sweet unknown
That laces my mind
It leads me empty
In life walking blind

Yet still it follow, it waits for the end
Until tomorrow, when it starts again

Poem with a twist, this could be a subconscious, it could be a demonic entity, it could be a bad relationship where people drag each other down. Ultimately the concept is simple: it’s something that attaches to someone in an emotional way and pulls them through hell and forces them to meet the deepest points of despair and loss.


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