If a Day Could Last Forever


Image from: lacza.deviantart.com

If a Day Could Last Forever

If a day could last forever
Then a wish would then come true
Cause for every moment of forever
I’d be there, loving you

Counting strands of your hair
while I pull you here
Knowing all the while
Nothing could be more sincere

Cause you’re my dream; my single wish
My everything sealed with a kiss
The tie that keeps me alive
Pulsing, standing, a thread of pride

In the fall of tarnished days
The days that choose to fall and stray
Stay strong and still, will make it through
I’d bend and break the world for you

When I’m not right by your side
You can in faith fully confide
That I’m sitting somewhere, you on my mind
Cause when I’m not dreaming of you

I’m living the dream of being with you

This was a romantic poem that I wrote about a year or two ago. See, I’m not all dark 🙂 Just 95% of the time.


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