Image from: obamapacman.com

I drew in a breath
The cold showed it’s shallow sheathe
Pocketed like dreams of yesterday
And hoped for like the wish of a new year

A single tear walked the bridge of my eye
Signed with the hope of the strongest lie
Cause it’s not what matters, but what you believe
Take it from one with a heart on his sleeve

A glimmer of hope, its what you grasp
When tomorrow means nothing you hold on to the past
You seek to feel what you felt weeks ago
You follow wrong paths, with hopes only you know

Cause hope needs to stand for something
Dreams and wishes are the ties to something more
You watch life dangle at the knees
At loss toward who you’re meant to please

What really matters in the end?

When life fades in with what you know
A heart’s reflection often shows
The stitches, the scars, the nightmares between
And the journey that teaches us each of the three

So won’t you take a moment to see
And cradle the comfort of all that makes me
Cause we all seek a meaning
We all seek a place
We all seek some guidance
In this life that we face

When we fall without knowing
It’s the path of a ghost
A figment of a story
A dream on the coast

A miracle we seek
A hope at the most
A chance for affection
Tied to an empty reflection

And a loss inside no one knows

Flesh and bones are all I see
The crystals broke apart from me
Cause as a puzzle I remain
A heart that’s black, with bluish stain

Cause I want to be put back together
Yet shattered, it feels like forever
So smile and simply embrace
The many pieces that make me, me

Let me know your thoughts

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