Lets Talk about the Concept of Belief



I’m not a religious person, not in any regard, as a matter of fact I still remember a thing my mother used to say to me to try and lift my spirits:
“Whatever it is, you are lucky, god keeps your around for a purpose.”

My response:

“To give others hope”

The whole higher power thing to me is something that is a little absurd, I’m going to try and not badger religion too much, for the most part it isn’t such a ‘bad’ thing per se, but the argument of belief, well, it’s a stupid argument. Everyone has an entitlement to believe what they want, to me, the more that you have to argue a belief, the more you are trying to justify and validate it to yourself.

Have you ever run into someone who is hellbent on arguing a point and then they just go “Oh, well, it doesn’t matter anyway,” beep beep, this guy/girl is a damn special one, thats the adult equivalent of pouting. Pass them a damn tissue.

When I’m talking about belief religion is simply a fun topic to bring up, I’d say because it is one that many can relate to if I was trying to be positive this morning, but nope, I choose it because it is the most controversial.

Everyones religion is the best, sure it is, that’s where the terminology ‘cult’ gained a definition, when these religious wack jobs started running around blowing themselves up for allah, or some other nut case whose divine plan in life is to die on the cross like Christ for all our sins.

Now that I’ve targeted a few different religions lets go with a statement:

A believer believes, he doesn’t preach. Aka all the god hunters that try to ‘spread the word’, please do, amongst yourselves.

When someone is ready to believe something they will come looking for you, whatever the cause or idea may be. I’ve been approached with the topic of god a few times out in public and immediately one thing came to mind:

This is damn uncomfortable, everyone walking by is hearing this person talking to me about how god is the key to my happiness and unlocking all of my problems and they are looking at me like I got some kind of disease, WTF.”

Meanwhile, I maintain my composure because this ‘true believer’ has something they want to tell me and I’m considerate enough to hear them out. Because you don’t agree doesn’t mean you have to break their spirit too, I mean hell, that would lead to a few more hail mary’s.

Let me explain something, when I’m told that a little man in the clouds will send me to the pitfalls of hellfire if I don’t believe in him I think:
“Holy fuck, what an ego, he could be me”

Now, yes, I am referring to the old old testament. Apparently god got bored and wrote a new testament that doesn’t involved stoning people to death that didn’t believe in him, apparently he was prescribed a few anxiety medications and life began to slow down a bit for him. One thing was for sure though, snakes stopped talking to him. If that isn’t a positive development in one’s life, I don’t know what is.

So yeah, the whole “You must believe in this or you shall perish and burn in hellfire,” well, one things for sure, where I will supposedly be going, I won’t need to pack a blanket, just a a few short sleeve shirts and a lounge chair. Maybe some ear plugs for all the screaming from the other whiney fucks in hell, no one in my after life should bitch.

I am sure heaven has a little area for people that are oversensitive, not the one’s that went overboard and couldn’t hack life so they ended it, god sent them to Limbo for being quitter, but  for the ones that instead suffered and cried 50 weeks out of the year, they have a giant play pen, oh, and Michael Jackson is there, yeah, his sins were forgiven. After all, he just loved kids, something the Catholic church shares as an interest.

Back to the point 

Back on topic: If the thought of a man playing in the clouds in a diaper brings you comfort, then by all means, knock yourself out. Believe away. Belief is about comfort. Without belief in something we wouldn’t try to develop into something more.

Belief is the rhyme and reason behind action.

I had a moment when I tried heavily to believe in god, hell, when you got things growling at you in he dark you will believe in just about anything for the sense of protection. When Michael didn’t come down with some shiny sword like he did in the Supernatural TV series, much to my disappointment might I add, I moved back to a belief in something that I knew I could rely on, myself.

Here is the real craziness, do you know that worshipping yourself in any manner is considered ‘Satanism”? Yes, the big devil word. That is how ludacris this entire pursuit of religion has become. A belief in one’s self gets labeled ‘devil worship’, because some nut job that wrote up that little bible put in some chaotic little offerings so another invisible being that likes to pose as a snake and fuck things without a promise to love after, well, apparently that is devil worship. So when you think about it, the world is a big fuckin blanket of sinners and demons.

The real evaluation that I can buy and believe: There is good and evil, there is balance, there is a common ground that allows the definition for good and bad to be separated enough that people can understand them and grasp them as they know how to. This talk of balance by the way, this is Taoism.

Taoism is the belief that there is an opposite for everything, poetry that essentially defines life: there needs to be ugly to define beauty,there needs to be hate to define love. Ect.

THAT makes sense, only thing is beyond that general concept my attention span jumps off a cliff.

I think belief is something that at the end of the road it is something that we view as a foundation of comfort. It is something that we use as a means to survive and justify our daily routines and actions.

I think that many of us, myself included, reach a point where all we can do is rely on ourselves. People question it and view it as selfish and ignorant, but the thing that is overlooked is the amount of betrayal and hatred earned along the way that makes someone finally go:

“I need to rely on myself and just focus on doing things that I can be proud of and accepting of”

When you get knocked down enough you learn to simply believe in yourself because others stopped believing in you. Your dreams weren’t on the same spectrum of their expectations, and the one thing you can take away from life is this: As long as you believe in yourself and you don’t quit anything can be accomplished. The world is filled with selfish people, but the selfish people aren’t the ones that learned along the way that they had to take care of themselves, no, the selfish people were the assholes that chose to not believe in them and put down any kind of constructive life they tried to manifest.

So, back on point, belief is something that is personal. It is an individual right that will carry someone throughout the day and give them a reason to push forward. Belief is something that is taken for granted and pushed around by people that feel it is something that belongs in the area of oppression, many fall victim to it, so a challenge here: believe in what you want. Be who you want and what you are proud of. Life isn’t about making another’s head nod in approval, life is about living in a way that you feel proud of and can hold your head high at the end of the day.

Well, that is all I have to say on belief. I would go say a prayer and wish the best for everyone, but last I checked Schizophrenia and having conversation with invisible people were two in the same. Kidding aside, believe what you want, and don’t argue something unless you are quite familiar with it. I’ve read so much on religion that I could go on and on about it, which is exactly why I stick to the one thing that makes sense:

I believe in good, bad, and balance. The end.


8 thoughts on “Lets Talk about the Concept of Belief

  1. Excellent way to get across your point of view Sean I like the use of humour throughout. I saw many things as an ambulance officer that made me say no god would allow this so I keep my opinion to myself but let others have theirs. Cheers


    • Yeah,
      I look at the world and some of the things that happen and I just shake my head. I rarely twist life with faith, just don’t really believe the two have much to do with one another.
      To me whatever gets someone to the next day, whatever someone can believe to motivate them and carry then in a positive direction, that is just as good as a man in the clouds.


  2. I respect everyone’s belief system, and I would never ask anyone to follow my foot steps when it comes to what I believe in because to each is own. What I experience and what I have learned in life is for my own personal relationship with the divine it is sacred, and that’s how it should be. At the end of the day it all comes down to the most simple rule of all~ 1st would be To do unto others what you wouldn’t want done to yourself and 2nd to love others as you love yourself ~ So treat people fairly and be kind.. I was born and raised catholic yet my belief started to grow during my own personal encounters. That being said to each is own , no one has to look down on anyone or criticize anything for that matter. I respect what you think but I don’t have to follow it and vise versa. Have a great day !


    • Hey Tanya,
      That is how I view it ultimately. I think that the entire concept of belief has become misguided over the years. To me faith and things associated with it are meant to be personal and individual-based, I think the very power behind belief and the ideas that it is meant to support become misguided when people start to run around and use it as a means to gain worship and support, so forth and so on.
      Some of the people I truly admire in my life talk about the relationship they have with god, but they don’t press on how I have to believe in it and turn that way. That is the very idea of a solid belief system, recognition in what it does for one’s self. They way they talk and mention how it impacts their life can be quite inspirational, it leaves that room for another to develop their own thoughts and opinions, it’s when someone tries to use a sales pitch of sorts to try and pull someone into a belief system that my opinion towards it becomes negative.
      Faith and belief are meant to be stepping stones to something more, a more complete life, support, stability, all positive things. I am simply pointing out that when people take the positive things something represents and twists them, then the overall message faith and belief is meant to be becomes something far less.
      Thanks for checking it out 🙂


      • I agree with you completely. The sad thing about religion is people tend to get obsessed and over board with it, and that causes them to shove it in your face and force it down your throat, which is such a turn off… Me being a positive person I think ” Okay, I see your really happy with your faith and you just want me to experience the same things in life as you ” is how I choose to look at these people, other wise They will scare me away!

        Most people who experience and have felt god in their life tend to get addicted to the high you receive when you feel a presence of this higher power inside you. It’s a magical feeling ~ but again, I believe this is a very personal relationship one should build with themselves and not force it down on anyone, Let alone make you feel like you don’t belong just because you come from a different church, or different belief system. I consider myself more of a spiritual person, I’m open to everything and every one ~ and I do have my own relationship with “GOD” or the “UNIVERSE” and I prefer to keep it that way. The simplest way to explain this, is thinking of it in a literal form ~ if I had a relationship with someone , I would not go around telling everyone they needed to know him. it’s a sacred bond that, should only be shared with yourself. Nothing wrong with talking about it! but when a person is ready to see the light for themselves , then and only then will they be open to the possibility. ✌


      • Absolutely :),
        You hit the nail on the head so to speak. I think spirituality is something that there are a lot of people who just have distaste for it for no good reason, that is simply ignorance, I can’t speak for them, myself however, I speak from the point of view that I’ve read a little bit of everything. I like reasoning behind things.
        When people try to shove religion down my throat I kind of give them the look that pretty much says “please stop, please”
        I joke about it because truthfully, it’s funny. It’s all hysterical if looked at from the right point of view, and that is where the whole ‘power of belief comes in’, people that believe can look at that ad not take it serious, can laugh at it, the people that are insane, they look at this stuff and get angry.
        Belief is something that comes with comfort, not something that is attached to aggression 🙂


  3. Hey Sean here is a Senryu trilogy I did about religion and how we can abuse it


    what one believes in
    values held equal for all
    mutual respect


    indoctrinated faith
    power held never ceded
    answers to no one


    mindless follower
    deluded thoughtless ideals
    lost to a cause


    • That writing speaks volumes of truth, the way that you described church is dead on, answers to no one in particular.
      I feel the in life if something is truly as great as everyone makes it out to be the threat of debate and opinion should be welcome. When it falls under the label of “inappropriate” to question something, to me, it loses a great hold on how valid it’s true cause really is.
      Really enjoyed that piece of writing Craig 🙂


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