Novel of my Life

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Novel of my Life

I am the reaper of the sorrow
The pain engulfed inside tomorrow
The pulsating feeling in the mind
The crooked noise when you’re blind

The guidance to a soul gone cold
The emptiness you grip and hold
The splinter stuck inside your skin
With breathing at its final whim

I felt the bone chip inside
A hope not dreamed; already died
A misplaced thought, a need to find
The hopes that bleed from borrowed time

I could pray
But words do no good unheard

The air seems to drown our cries
Making them a figment of a time
Where we hoped for something more
And were greeted with an empty chill

So swallow the grief; like a shot
The unheard voices there to spot
On the way down cutting skin
To gain the scars to tell a story

Can’t forget what’s forged to see
In case you say it’s make believe
Trace your hand along my veins
And taste the novel of my life


6 thoughts on “Novel of my Life

      • I will definitely take a look later, my personal favorite of mine is “broken man beyond repair”, or “the me only I can see” those are more personal poems. Check them out if you have a moment.
        I will definitely check out your work either this evening or early tomorrow. Replying to this from an iPod, haha.

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