Live Each Day Like It’s the Last


“Live Each Day Like It’s the Last”

I tried to follow you
Every step you said to take
Every lesson taught to learn
With a heart and will at stake

Every punishment received
Every hope and gain we seized
It was never good enough
For sense of pride, or self-esteem

Living day to day
As your shadow, tamed and torn
‘Supposed’ to be your pride and joy
I wasn’t put here, I was born

Looked daily for a guide
A sign without critique
What I got was broken words
And years that craved a night of sleep

Spent a better year
On a seek for self-esteem
Life seemed to wash down the drain
, as a flowing stream

Now each day is reaching
A need for something more
Taming a void in my heart
Where loss pumps at the core

There used to be a time
When I wondered what’s a heart
A piece of something more;
Something broken, just a part

A puzzle piece; a half;
The ignition to a start
Cause without that drive
That care to just believe
Leaves an empty man, a shadow
A being that can’t see

Reach past it all; see past the names
The labels brush off like a stain
The value to just be yourself;
It opens our eyes to better things

Cause with each step without fear
Grants a hope for further days

It’s not about how you’re seen
It’s about just being you
Without the strength to be yourself
Leaves little left to do

So wave the pain aside and cling
The world is in your grasp
And swallow all thats meant to be
Live each day like it’s the last


4 thoughts on “Live Each Day Like It’s the Last

  1. Life is so much easier when you relax and just be. I learned over the years that the only opinion of your “self” that matters is your own. I came across these wise words and really got a chuckle out of them…”be your self – everyone else is taken!”.


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