A Stand Until the End


Image from: http://www.newgrounds.com

A Stand Until the End 

I’ve watched the folds of time descend
I’ve counted down as moments end
I’ve watched the sun burn away
Til nothings left of the day

I’ve watched the ashes of a life
Drift in the wind, fate’s final knife
It’s the lash at the back that can spill
And break something before it had a chance

Yet, I take a stand until the end

I’ve watched the moon twitch to the night
As broken dreams soon found the light
I’ve watched scars become sweet blistered trails
That led to hopes that soon set sail
I’ve counted the stars in a sky well lit
Only knowing my side, my half of it

I’ve twisted words and mended wounds
And broken bonds far too soon

Yet, I take a stand until the end

I’ve felt the sorrow spread inside
For every hope I’ve been denied
You’d never know, I’d never tell
The cracks and bends, my living hell
My eyes are bruised from countless fail
My heart got lost along the tale
And the stale taste of loss is moving in

Each step is laced
Embraced with hate
An artist to the chord of fate
If only that made a difference
When talking a trail blind

Yet, I take a stand until the end

As I watch the sun descend
A peace arrives, no more pretend
I close my eyes, I wish all well
And climb the rope that leads to hell
The shadows at my call inside
With nothing left for me to hide

A wink away, a grin to chase
A final dance with pain I face

Yet, I take a stand until the end

Waiting for you to knock me down


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