What Is Meant to be

This poem is pretty much about how I view life, how there are various things you can focus on, things you can change and personally impact, but there is also a lot beyond our control. I like to think of this poem as a harmony for how I live, I guess? That sounds deep, I guess I’m deep once and a while, okay, a lot.



Image from: http://www.deviantart.com/morelikethis/10465580?view_mode=2

What Is Meant to Be

In talking to myself
Because there’s no one else
And I can’t take this

That’s already known

It’s too late to change
All these years have stained
This mess now that I am

Just can’t be undone

I lost my soul that day
Regret paved the way
A thread of hope to grab

Always seemed to fall too short

The life behind my eyes
Is hypnotized
I can’t see things the same

Obsessed with all that could have been

The darkness ages my skin
And traces my eyes with irrevocable sin
And the burn continues to grow

What we see can’t be taken away

The tales lacing my heart
How the end came from a start
How all good things come to an end

It’s the inevitable, the expected

We whisper change to distant ears
Yet are controlled by inner fear
The lapsing judgment could destroy

Faith becomes an inner sanctum

Steps echo for only us to hear
When peace is felt somewhere near
It is about enforcing change

And accepting what is meant to be

Let me know your thoughts

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