Writer’s Carnival Banning Anniversary

Writer’s Carnival Banning Anniversary

I’d love to say what kind of anniversary this is, that would require knowing how long I’ve been banned from the horrid site known as Writer’s Carnival, I don’t. What I do know is that gradually as time passes there are more and more victims coming forward that speak of the pain and hardship that they ran into when trying to be a part of the site.

The common theme: they weren’t a part of the moderation team, so, as a general consensus, the writing they provided sucked. Sorry guys, you guys, I suck, lets go write about some fucking zombies, aye? Will get some highlights on that site them, maybe even get member of the month if we dress up like a zombie on Valentines day or Thanksgiving, the hell with Halloween, zombies foreva.

I’m serious. 

For beginners, I need to say this, when I critique someone for having an unhealthy obsession with zombie things you have to understand where I am coming from. Romero and me are buddies, well, minus when he is trying to get the zombies to learn (Anisa must be influencing him with how she talks to her zombie dolls that she crafts), but that aside trying to make zombies a part of daily routine is kind of like saying you need to have cotton candy every day, it’s not that it isn’t enjoyable time to time, it’s to say that daily it reaches a great amount of stupidity.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 9.19.52 AM

I don’t know what is worse, the fact zombies are brought up daily, or the encouragement that zombies are brought up daily. I personally would never want to try and “outzombie” someone that sits there and plays with the zombie dolls all damn day, if they got time to do that, no need to make them angry, they clearly have a lot of time on their hands.

The only thing equally worse than zombie reference is Anisa’s mascot talking in hoodlum slang. What we have here is a mixture of the movie Friday, a bad zombie flick, and a mental hospital, sounds like a sitcom, now THAT could be successful. Anytime you film a bunch of people that are completely fucked in the head it becomes a raging success in the market of film and cinema, I have an opportunity to become famous after all.


I need to watch it, someone from writer’s carnival might read this and take the whole attack on the site this is meant to be and claim I’m racist or something. They are really good at that, taking the solid point of an intellectual attack and basing it around one part of an article 🙂

Aside from the constant discussion of zombies I am noticing something else when I scroll through the status updates, it seems like the term ‘ghost town’ has impacted this site. I guess when the truth comes out people get a sense of wonder and feel the need to run like hell, I just cut the ribbon, the rest of the people did what they needed to.

As you scroll through the status updates what you notice is that it is pretty much the same person posting what they are doing during the day. Every other line it is the same person, I’d say it’s desperate, but in a way you have to feel kind of bad. Not really, it’s desperate, and it’s sad. It’s like when a fatal wound is inflicted and someone is staggering their moments to the edge of a cliff, sorry Writer’s Carnival, the truth is a bitch, even more so when it gets out to the public eye.

The cat’s out of the bag, the moderation there:


That about sums it up. You will believe in every damn thing I have to say or you will have to go elsewhere, “Ya hear me!?”

Yep, I heard you, it’s why your sites population took a dive back to sanity you fucking mental fool.

PS. I am an intellectual person, but I find profanity to sum up so many feelings that it is almost like a spark notes for common day discussion. 🙂 Cussing does not make someone stupid unless your name is Anisa.

Where was I a year ago?

On Facebook I got the question: Where was I a year ago on writer’s carnival, that story is going to be a copy paste moment:

I think last year I was going through the process of Anisa trying to convince me to post on that horrid site. I was running my own blog peacefully and along came a drooling beast, I couldn’t understand her very well, things of a lesser intelligence are hard to fully comprehend, but when she supplied a link I decided that it may be worth while to get some separate opinions.
There wasn’t a lot Anisa could explain well, but she made it very clear she loved making zombie dolls and talking to them on a regular basis. Once I bookmarked that in my mind I thoughtfully ignored her to the best of my ability.
Occasionally she would pop up on writing that I would post and would make suggestions that make me think of the mind set I had when I was teaching my son to draw. (discussion for another time)

Often times conversations with her would resemble some of those automated messages you get when you call companies, the difference is at least those messages stood to provide some form of value, the stupidity that would slur from you haven of ignorance is shit that scars the mind forever.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 9.36.17 AM

Lets talk contests. As you can see here there are various trophies, horrible writing conditions, could they be written as a riddle any worse?

ANYTHING GOES (within reason) any genre any theme anyTHING. Should just say “Hell, write whatever you want, it doesn’t matter, we’ve pre-decided whose gonna win this shit. Yo Emmex! You got something written up about a bully? Lets talk about one that gets mean on the internet and how we ban him to save the writing community we gots”, Sounds about right. Oh I forgot:

“I know, lets talk definitions and bullying and have the people played out as carrots.”

“That’s fucking brilliant.”

Another thing to notice, you notice that the face in this ad is blue and it has a really weird smile on it? That is because the real thoughts were strangled out of it, as for the picture, it was told to smile or it would have to be replaced. Aka banned.

Somewhere along the top there is a mention about acquiring bragging rights to win a contest here…bragging rights for if you win a contest there, yes, I said it again, can you imagine that? Is that a reward or a punishment? Can you imagine? You are trying to pitch the idea that you are an accomplished writer:


Publisher you are talking to:

“I’m sorry, but who is that?”

Well, there goes those bragging rights.

You want recognition? Reach out to Huffington Post or an accomplished blogger and guest blog for them. Do something that will actually bring positive attention to your name and writing abilities, do you think a publisher is gonna read a zombie story you put together and go:

Well shit, this site got it right, you are going to the big times. I hear McDonalds is hiring”

You can’t even proudly exclaim that you got some kind of award on this site, it’s name is about as close to truth as truth can be on that site: It is a complete and total fucking circus.

Well, on a good note I feel like I’ve kicked something off that needed to be done, a venture for the truth. Enforcement on the idea of respecting one’s self and understanding talent versus oppression. Any idiot can get hold of a site and run it like a complete and total nazi. The site has crumbled to a community that is left of a few whispers, shit happens.

No hard feelings and what not, oh, that’s with the people I enjoy. You psychotic fucks that run the site, you can have it for yourself, by the end of the month it’s going to be Anisa talking zombies and Emmex telling her about her god damn DODO bird.

I’m done, rant over.


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