Before the Lights Go Out


My throat swells shut from pride
The words I never came to say
Were the seal to an end
And the drift to end a day
I lost count of the pulse inside
Another breath, a pointless sigh

I could cast my eyes a mile
And hope would stay out of reach

The stitches on my mind loosen
I forget to believe
While I’m stripped of everything
My heart stays on my sleeve
This parade of indifference
Is eating me alive

I’d reach for something more
But I’d much rather hide 

This frown engraved on my face
A poisoned life, a potent taste
It all feels the same to me
These mirrored steps
What’s the point of this?

Every step has a creak
Synced with my inner-defeat

A voice has taken over me
I’ve been changed too much
The spark behind my eyes has died
Hope is a chain that drags behind
I would cut it from the limb
Yet pain has become quite the hymn

And I have to live for something

Each breath feels laced with loss
I gave up on hoping long ago
There is no one left to get to know
I handed myself away
I had to, to get away from this

To hide the ugly underneath

The silence is what’s killing me
I feel the lapse of reality
And i can’t help but smile
There is something beautiful about the end
It’s that last second we feel it all

The moment before the lights go out


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