I’m shivering, I’m skeething
Internally I’m bleeding
A limp away from being crippled
When all that’s left is the ground I stand on
You’re only lost when you give up on yourself

That’s how it’s supposed to be

The memories a flash between
A regret that’s on repeat
Replaying in the dark of eyes
Inside the shadows of a minute
And still I stand with a crutch
The crutch; a heart thats felt too much

Why should I feel at all?

The melody inside the air
It plays a tune in key
Reminder of the broken fragments
Once composing me

It’s not about how you change
It’s who you strive to be
It’s the compass to a soul
Giving something to believe

When there is something to believe in

Engrave your wishes in the sand
You never know what days may bring
With each dream you strive for
Comes that chance to feel alive

A chance to feel something more 

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