Strands of the Heart


Everything is going away
No matter what I say
Things are taken from me
Right before my eyes

No matter the ground I keep
Or nights without sleep
The prayers just seem filled with make believe

I reach for an answer
That withers like cancer
And it’s the only time I can see myself

And this time apart
Like knives in my heart
The internal withers of a lost soul

The time away from what really seems to be
The core to me, the place I can see
The person in me that wants to believe
That somewhere in this time we’re detained
Awaits a happy ending that engraves both of our names

Cause it’s not about lasting until the end
It’s about holding on while the ends in sight

Everything’s fading away with this night
So I’m claiming to hold on, and praying I do
Cause there’s not much to this world without you

And in the palm of my hand, it’s just not the same
As when I’m holding you close to distort this pain

While everything is withering slowly going away
I close my eyes and start to pray

Not religious
Not a faith bearing man
But when it comes to each other
I just have to believe

The pain, the struggle, the strength to just be
In the end nothing can keep us apart

We’re linked as one, common strands of the heart.


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