Title: Pulse

I sat along your bedside;
I felt your feigning pulse
I heard them read predictions
While hoping they were false

I watched you drift away
A victim of life’s frailty
I wished to offer answers;
But could only offer me

I held your hand with mine
The warmth between the two
Watching the day whisk away
Behind the different shades of blue

I caught your eyes
To insure care
To let you know
That I was there

I would be, until the end

Cause it’s the essence of a moment
Time can change the pace
And I wouldn’t want to be alone
With the end to face

The shadows of the other side
Tickled the blankets, prophesied

Cause the end of the road;
The uncaught fate
The moment in brush;
Just lying in wait

The card that would play no matter the plan
Cause some things are just meant to be

Strength isn’t how hard you fight;
It’s embracing what kept the day through the nights
So as you breathe remember me

Cause I’ll walk with you to that gate

Stare our maker in the eye;
Until your final embrace
And then the peace; the quiet
The lay that surpasses the land

I will wait along your side
As the pulse fades from your hand.


4 thoughts on “Pulse

    • Craig,
      That is a huge compliment, thank you very much. I view that particular song “Hurt” to be such a powerful message, I remember I used to listen to the remake (by nine inch nails) a lot,

      Thanks for dropping my friend, it is great to hear from you.


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