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Title: Broken

The pulse of a moment
Seethes beneath my skin
The faded color of blue
Imbued across my wrist

I felt for something
I’ve been trying too long
As the sun began to set
I watched my shadow run away

The taste of the air
Brought a numb
And I can’t feel anymore

It’s the piercing moments
That choke the heart
That engrave failure
Prevent new starts

It’s the loss of breath
When you try to breathe
The loss inside
All that’s left to be

It’s the fist of hair
It’s the break of nails
And a heart that’s faded
Forever pale

I could try to write my story
But I can barely stand

My eyes are twisted misery
Painting a world of misfortune
In a variety of color
It’s when the colors look the same
The good and bad composed of pain
It makes you wonder
What may come tomorrow?

I pulled the knife out from my back
The pain kept coming anyway
I laid it down at my side
And felt the wind carry me away

If I bite my tongue for a chance
Just to say what I need to say
Yet, I’m afraid I can’t

I’d rather swallow, and keep it all in


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