The Taste of Loss


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Title: The Taste of Loss 

I painted a picture today
All that I wanted to see
All of my hopes for tomorrow
A replica of all that’s me

Call me selfish; I call it human nature

Once you’ve had a taste of what you want
The addiction is simply too much to let go

Feel it race throughout your veins
It’s retribution, a hold on names
Cause it feels so good coming in
And I’m forgetting what’s right

My eyes are filled with new highs
And the lies keep on flowing
So take a taste cause I’m to die for
I’m the poison that’s worth the kill

Tomorrow means nothing
Those scars on your skin carry my name
I’m the reminder of when you let go
The reminder of something less

I am the shadow of your life
The negative lace in every fall
Cause without me there was nothing
But with pain I’m there to call

So if you need me- look aside
Cause without me- You’re walking blind
And with me- you can’t feel a thing
I slash your pride with every sting

So look away
I’m going to haunt your dreams
I’m every nightmare you can think
I’ll bring you to your knees

And lick my lips to taste the loss


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