When you walked away, tell me
Did you play your final hand?
Does the air still taste the same
As you took your final stand?

Will have to wait and see
The air is frozen between us
And I don’t know who to be
What is there really left for me?

I laid my hopes down to rest
Now it seems they’ve gone to hide
And now that there’s nothing left
I’m watching with two empty eyes

I signed myself away that day
These steps don’t seem the same
While you’re looking down on me
Do you recall my name?

A tear that spreads a story
Takes its time to fall
Wandering in memory
Roaming familiar halls

Consumed by the past
The ghost of me inside
I would try to reach for him
But he’s already died

With all the pain that latches on
And drives me to the ground
I couldn’t tell you anything
I’m too stuck inside the now

The spark of self-defeat
Is like a beacon deep inside
Now I’m stuck here waiting
Collecting all the tears I’ve cried

I’ve hit so many walls
They all seems the same to me
Been trying for a while now
And I don’t know who to be

It’s when you drive that blade through
My eyes lose their way of life
What began so beautiful
Has ended with a knife

It’s when I feel that prick inside
Unleashing all the pain
It’s that time of knowing
Things will never be the same


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