Still Breathing


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Each step a creak spreads on the floor
The sound of doubt, an open sore
The remains of a precious thing
Spreading like ashes, with a sting
As empty hopes linger on
I stand a pawn to something more

I’m a silhouette of what I once was

Disheveled whispers from a soul
Efforts that met a final toll
The dawning belief for something
That got left out in the cold too long

We’re puppeteer’s in the flesh
With wounds that pulse til nothing’s left
Jagged scars that line the mind
And fade away through cracks in time
We’re the strings void of control
We are the dark inside the cold

When there is nothing else to be

These tears lace the words I say
Sweat drips down around my brow
The fatigue is setting in
I feel a mile away from what could be
And a lifetime away from change

I still don’t know where I am

The sight of hope is fading fast
Im counting breathes- to time the last
The silence has me reaching
This company I’m keeping
For better or for worse
Just what am I anymore?

The clamp of defeat
Digs into my shoulders
With each passing moment
I feel a little bit colder
There is a storm behind my eyes
It’s been brewing forever

This dance with my darker side
Hate and hope, a fine divide
Emotional chains, wounds that last forever
And two worlds that will always collide

Yet I will still stand and deceive
And hide this thing that’s really me

I’d distort the pain
Id rather feel it
And learn to tame
This monster inside
This emotional ride
It keeps grinding, breaking

Yet, I’m still breathing


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