Another Week Down


It’s first thing Friday morning, but the only thing that seems to be going through my mind is “another week down”. That might sound morbid, but it’s not like that, I’m just someone that can be in a position of struggle and pat myself on the back for getting through it. At one time I would have ‘coped’ with life being shit in a number of different ways, normally with medicine that I called vodka, but thus far, I’ve kept that well under control.

To some this might not seem like an accomplishment, but to others, people that think the way I do, I think it is important to credit ourselves for small victories. Life has a way of being a continual run of shit in which we don’t always have the toilet paper readily available to deal with, the point is, we make due. We survive in our own way.

For people that do think the way I do, people that can be crippled by emotions and completely turned into an unproductive heap of flesh the moment something goes terribly wrong in the section of life labeled “personal”, it’s important to remind ourselves we kept ourselves together. We got through the day and while it may not have been our best day, we got through it without any real negative outcome.

I am not going to sit here like one of those terrible counselors and give you a list of ways to deal with stress, those nut jobs that go: “During the day if you feel stress, stretch. If you can bring a big bamboo twig to work and just stand up and stretch out that stress everything will be okay!” Yeah, sure it will, once they commit your ass to some padded room you will have plenty of time to reflect on life’s stress, more likely than not with some interesting prescriptions.

Truthfully though, getting through a day, or god forbid a week for someone that is truly emotional as a person, it’s tough.

There are incredibly unique people that are completely run by their emotions, when they feel happy they can achieve great things, however, when they experience hardship, the day can be nothing more than reading a book. A lot of people see this as weak and pathetic, I don’t, I think that there has to be a certain amount of recognition for people that operate this way. After all, if we didn’t have them, society would look like a terminator movie minus the violence, that’s right, we’d all be fucking robots, no thanks.

Speaking of robots, I’m not one, I’ve been cursed to think and feel things more often than the common person. In a way I view it as part benefit part hindrance, a lot of the times I feel that being stupid would make life that much easier.

I am a true believer that the smarter someone is, the more miserable they are. The reason for this is simple, they can’t block out the dumb shit of the world. As much as they try to the dawning realization eventually comes full circle and presents a clear image: the world is filled with stupidity. The fact that ten minutes can not go by without hearing something that makes us think “Our world is fucked.” To further justify this all I have to say is listen to ten minutes of the news, something will pop up.

If I could trade my brain for one that has the continual thought process of “I like to swing a hamma!” I have to say that it would be a very conflicting choice. Granted, I enjoy being fairly intellectual, or a lot (depending on who you ask), if I didn’t notice a lot of the things that I do, I think I would be happier.

Is intelligence a curse? I think so. I think that is also why you notice that the people who off themselves are often these smart and intelligent people. Most recently: Robin Williams. Brilliant guy, great entertainer, could not run the fuck away from all of the shit life had to throw at him.

There are always these jokes about people who belong on the short bus, well, let me explain something, that short bus should be made specifically for intelligent people so that we could gain shelter and have a common place to meet and express our frustrations.

When you are smart, and many of us are, there is a certain bell of truth that goes off to say that you can’t go ANYWHERE without seeing something that is completely ridiculous. 

The sad thing is a lot of life’s frustrations should be things that are deemed as common courtesy and common sense, but the very upbringing of so many people is so poorly orchestrated you run into a new generation of ignorance and stupidity that is simply impossible to deal with. I view it like this, the difference of todays world versus the world of say the 80’s, several things:

  • The general work ethic sucks, people are lazy or stupid.
  • Respect among one person to another has become terrible. It gets worse every year. 
  • The upbringing of children in general sucks, less family oriented and far more reliance is placed around electronics to do the parenting job for them.
  • Cause and effect analysis is poorly explained.

On the cause and effect bullet, let me explain, I mean that in the sense of explaining to people the result of actions. The choices we make each hold certain benefits and consequences, the problem: it is rarely explained to someone in such a way where they can understand it. People act and live in such a way that they don’t consider what will amount from doing ‘x’ thing.

The result from all of this misguidance is a world that is completely ass-backwards. Filled with immature people that either had life handed to them and they don’t know how to stand and be themselves, or people that are so misguided that half of their actions are in an effort to “get back at someone”, when in truth, the only person they are punishing is themselves.

In a way this is a rant, in a way it’s just me giving myself a self-therapeutic exercise, but in all ways this is genuine honesty, at least as far as I carry the word “honesty”.

So, here is to a Friday that is starting, and a weekend that is to follow. Only a little bit further until I will get to see my son, maybe I will be a bit more positive then.


8 thoughts on “Another Week Down

  1. Well, very thought profounding, and I understand some
    of where you are coming from….I feel too much too, I
    see, observe things most don’t, I see ignorant, NO
    common sense people all the time, but I cope, and
    live a decent life, feel life’s ups and downs. I also
    consider myself intelligent. I’ll give you a example,
    I love my sister, we have like a twin connection,
    she has made a lot of mistakes, done things that
    weren’t right, questioning herself as a individual,
    BUT I love her want her in my life, and so I look over
    those things, and cherish our time together. I
    can’t make her be a certain way, act a certain way.
    So, I just accept as is. If something comes up, I will
    confront her and go on. What I am trying to say is
    there are ALL types of people out there, and we
    can’t have our heads up our asses and be perfectionist.
    You come across as being arrogant, and YOU have these
    hard, dark times, WELL, everyone goes through shit,
    not just those that are intelligent. Some may be smarter
    than others, but you come across as like I am better,
    I hurt, feel more than a lot…..well, you NEED to understand
    it’s NOT just you! Maybe, you expect too much from people
    and that is why you keep getting hurt. People are people,
    we have our flaws, our differences, but we ALL still have
    pain, anger. If you step out of that dark hole of yours,
    you just might see something beautiful……


    • Amusing.
      If I was to make a claim that I was better then people I would put up a much more solid argument, writing a point of view and expressing is entirely different than claiming “superiority”.
      The only thing that I would claim is the fact that everyone deals with different levels of hardship, the amazing claim that there are so many different types of people out there, thank you for pointing that out. I will have to jot it down in my notebook, I didn’t realize that.
      Perfectionism, yikes, big word there. I do feel more then most, fact, not speculation. I expect little from people, hence why I claim most people are in fact stupid.
      Flaws, yepp, everyone has them. Differences, check. Story about your sister being different, check. Though I needed to upp my caffeine to read through this message, your thoughts were appreciated.
      I like my dark hole, it’s peaceful, should I decide to let people in and know the real me, well that’s a choice I make 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hell, no, YOU don’t tell me enough….I’m not a
        little bitch that sits back…so, I told you my opinion,
        and YOU can’t handle it, defensive, probably because
        I was right….how about this, people are stupid as
        you said, well, YOU are a arrogant ass! NOW, I am
        DONE, and dismiss YOUR ass….


      • Yes,
        Your opinion has blown me away. I am defenseless amidst the bloom of intelligence, it sparkles around your words somewhere between the misplaced spaces and excessive use of periods to demonstrate that a thought is being generated. Very, very clever.
        I think somewhere between your story about your sister and the claim that I was arrogant my mind threw up, literally. It has these seizure-like attacks that occur when it tries to understand bad grammar and stupid points.
        Are the capital letters supposed to make the reader pronounce the word louder? Or is it for the sake of imagery that your are trying to create a visual of yelling at me while behind a computer?
        Well, regardless, glad you enjoyed the post 🙂


    • In a non-judgmental way I think is the *correct* way of putting it, haha, but I know what you are saying 🙂
      Succinctly, I swear Craig you use vocabulary that I truly don’t know haha. I’m going to take a dive and say maybe it means clear or direct (basing this on how you used it)
      Thanks for dropping in my friend. In a way it was like taking something common and routine (the passing of time) and just kind of recognizing, hey, I got through it. Haha.
      Great hearing from you.


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