Summer’s Song


Title: Summer’s Song
As my skin pulled apart
Tar dripped from my veins
Beneath it all; a soiled heart
Laced with a story of my pains

With eyes sewn shut to brace the light
I count my breaths to realize
The air I see, It isn’t me
It’s my soul; drifting with the butterflies

I watched my shadow drift
Side to side
It reminded me of childhood
The absence of a solid care
Cause innocence is a bond we share

The thought that was captured morphed to a tear
Caught with the fact that the end was near
But staying strong meant holding still
Counting time by the window sill

Values showed along my sleeve
It was part of being me
Turning my shoulder to darkened times
Taking love when it was there to find

Cause each breath gave another moment with you
And by you I mean those that made the next day worth it all

Cause when it all comes crashing down
I’ll take the weight as though it was nothing
Cause the extra time with you
Meant another dream I got to see the end of

And for the time’s I miss with you
I’ll be the wind at your back; watching
Guiding you along; like a breeze; summer’s song

4 thoughts on “Summer’s Song

    • Thank you Craig. The poem had to do with someone who watched their wife pass away from lung cancer, the idea being that every day was a chance to see everything that person loved and everything they valued. The inevitable passing of time, and the value of the company while it was there.
      I’m glad it delivered on an emotional level.


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