Another’s Dream


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Another’s Dream 

I engraved our names
In a stone today
Just in case another time
We choose to lose our way

In case we forget our promise
Or just to remind, care
I’ll be here to hold you
If you promise to be there

All I ever wanted
Was for you to see
That nothing can take away
What’s shared of you and me

You are the special fragment
The other half of me
And without that other half
What is there left to be?

I shed a tear today
A collection that we dream
A story that we make
that we craft seam to seam

I never have to question
It’s just what’s meant to be
A moment frozen in your eyes
Reflecting you and me

Just never look away
Let this bond last today
For the tomorrow’s that follow
Let life flow inside these veins

We share another’s dream
One we can share forever
As long as we hold each other
And promise to never let go


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