The whispers in my head grow into a scream
Walking broken ground, nothing as it seems

Where to go when left
The shadow of a former time
All the pitfalls coming;
Just another thing to climb

Offering the best of me;
Still half of what we need
The inner battle tangles;
As emotions bleed

Pressed into the corner
As time invades my will
As the fight that’s in me
Goes limp, laying still

Cause I just forget
What it’s like to be me
A set of eyes with a list
Tied to all the broken dreams

Cause when you can’t give
You slowly start to see
A faded dark reflection
Your own worst enemy

So I look to the ground
As my heart begins to pound
And I feel a bit of life just let itself go

Yet I’m still here
Reaching out to you

Just waiting in a silence for tomorrow to show.

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