I can’t stand the sight of me
I view myself with constant cringe
Each time that I see for me
I find myself on a new binge

The things inside of me
Tainted by the years of loss

On a path to crush all thought
It was the time you said “don’t worry”
That you would never hurt me, or run astray
Yet, in the end, you brought this nightmare

A portrait to the end of days
The way I saw the end

I saw my heart inside a dream
Barb wire trailed it; seam by seam
A knife impaled it, with hate redeemed
Cause it was that moment you walked away

That I lost all care for myself

It was that time I wasn’t good enough
I chose you were right, gave myself away
Now every night I go to sleep
The tears, I don’t even notice anymore

They are part of this routine

A pillow soaked with empty dreams
Seeping from lost inspiration
The eyes that choose to hold me high
Are all that keeps this going

Eyes that hold a higher standing
Without that–
I’d have no choice but to let go
Time doesn’t feel the same

How long can this last?


Let me know your thoughts

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