Take a Stand

Title: Take a Stand
Strip my skin
Look within
Can’t you see
I’m living sin
Taste my anguish
Feel my hate
And realize
It’s far too late

Bond the nightmare
Claim my name
Waking up
It’s not the same

And I don’t want to close my eyes
But it’s getting late, no place to hide

Anxiety runs loose in my veins
Everything is lost, hopeless and tame

I can’t think, can’t recall my name
It doesn’t matter, it’s all the same

Give me a dose, some hope to see
Some kind of peace inside of me
Taste the grain along my tongue
What am I? What have I done?

The echoes of my lonely steps
Are all I seem to have left

I feel the wind burn my throat
I close my eyes, bracing for whats to come

My anger is now seething
I find myself believing
This need to get away
Is the only thing to push me
Into the arms of tomorrow

I can’t look back
Though I try to see
Try to find some warmth
In my memories
When nothing’s left, nothing there to gain
You sew what’s left into stories of pain

Walk with me, here take my hand
Lets watch the sun and take our stand


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