Confidence and You


Why Confidence Matters

For beginners, let’s establish one thing, cockiness and arrogance are an entirely different ‘flavor’ than confidence. Confidence has to do with a self-belief in yourself and your own abilities. It’s knowledge branded with the idea that you are accepting toward who you are, and what you are. Cockiness/arrogance is the ‘delivery’ of acting like you are better than everyone else, and that you have no faults/are incapable of error. If you are cocky and arrogant, you are shit, you are annoying, and yes, the world hates you.

Confidence is part of the recipe of success, if you feel that you can’t accomplish anything, chances are others will pick this off as well.

Everyone should essentially be accepting to who they are as people, and the image they have in the ‘physical’ sense. This is because everything about you: personality and image alike are subject to change with the proper devotion of time and effort.

Therefore, if you are one of those people who complain about being fat, complain that your ‘ass’ looks too big, or simply complain in general, please, for the sake of those you truly care about, shut the f*** up. <<<<look at that, I monitored that one. If you aren’t happy with yourself, get off your ass and do something about it. Bring yourself to a place where you can accept yourself, because confidence has direct relevance to success, and achieving it.

People can stop believing in you, but in the long run, these people mean nothing. Anyone who makes the choice to give up on you, you are better off without. Be confident, as long as you don’t quit on yourself, then you haven’t failed. The moment you throw the towel in, yes, you’re a failure. Not because of things you haven’t achieved, but because you have convinced yourself that you can’t be better, yet, you can, it’s not over until you stop trying.


Not good enough

The phrase ‘I can’t’, outside of some very complicated procedures that could result in great harm, should be banished from the English vocabulary. At one time it may have been a sincere statement, but as our generations begin to age, and new generations emerge, it’s safe to say there are too many ‘soft’ people. There are simply too many people who are lazy, unmotivated, whiney little shits. I find it far more common to find people with their hand out saying ‘help me’ than the people who want to take life by the throat and find their own way. What the hell happened to self-sufficiency and wanting to handle things on your own? It drives me absolutely crazy.

Everywhere I go I see people that are homeless, holding signs that say ‘help me’, screw that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sad, the homeless part of it, it’s beyond difficult and I can’t imagine how tough it is to deal with, but if you think holding a god damn sign is going to do a god damn thing to solve it, it’s not. Want pity? Not going to get it from me. There are some heartbreaking stories regarding some of these people, and they should be treated with kindness, they are after all people, but they also have to figure out for themselves, it’ time to bring the fight back to life.

This is a topic I’ve consistently debated, wanting to consistently help people with their hound out, it’s generous to an extent, it’s even admirable in some ways, but I don’t see it as a solution. I don’t see it as trying to guide them back to a normal life.

Me, I’m an asshole, but I’m honest. In my eyes, they should be off trying to change their situation, not dwell on it and seek pity. Want solution? Go to a shelter, raise hell, research legalities, and press them hard enough to offer the aid that you need. A library is free, knowledge is power, put it to use.

There is no such thing as being ‘not good enough’, there is only the idea of ‘trying’. Whether you are an expert or not is one thing, but anyone is capable of handling the common tasks of life.

Complaining is annoying

I complain a lot, I do. I will own up to that again, but things I complain about, are legitimate quarrels. I find that people love drama, they express it by complaining, and therefore, you hear complaining more than you hear normal conversation. I think this is why I’ve developed a form of social anxiety. When I hear people talk with dramatics I get this little ‘fortune teller’ urge that tells me they are going to come off in a way that has me wanting to run in the other direction. Most times, I’m pretty damn accurate.

I find people who are simply laid back and ‘at ease’ with their current life situation to make the most sense. They are satisfied with the simplicity of watching television and letting life pass by, these are the ones with a grip on life. This theme of life having to constantly be filled with ‘life’ and ‘energy’, well, I think that stage of hyper passed for me at the age of 5 give or take, after that I was kind of happy with consistency more than crazing.

You can’t expect life to be forever filled with ‘life’ and ‘energy’, one: to achieve that you would have to be rich as hell, many are not. Two: if life was filled with life and energy all the time the supply of prescription drugs would run out quickly because Adderall would become a medicine that became extinct in an effort to ‘maintain’ energy, and Xanax would be following right behind it as an effort to deal with the people speeding around like they don’t know how to take a fucking nap.

Anyway, the fact is, it’s simply not how people are built. There is a time for ‘energy’ and a time for ‘relaxation’, without the healthy blend of the two, well, that’s a gateway to hell J

Just a rant—and a slice of common sense

Let me know your thoughts

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