Title: Perish

The image burns into my eyes
The taste of tomorrow a figment
The imagination tied to this hope
Is stagnant, now broken inside
Feel my skin, cold to the touch
Life that’s become a bit too much
Whispered words to carve a tale
TO give you something to believe

What would you think of me
If I were any different?

The shadows stitched to my back
The blade that settled deep inside
The path that led away from me
The final push to the edge
The nightmare that became a reality
The image that stained my heart forever

I see, yet feel nothing

The noose that captured my hopes
Tied away my dreams
Misled my eyes to what ‘should be’
I felt the pulse fein
I watched everything dissolve
In a final effort to save it all
I was bound, helpless, and frail

As I watched everything I knew, perish.

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