Dare to be Normal

I wrote this as a short story in what was called a “quest for normal” let me know your thoughts::

I Want to be That Way- The Confession of a Patient
It seems like every day is filled with a new set of questions:
1. Who you’re supposed to be
2. What you’re supposed to be
3. How you’re supposed to act
4. Intolerable behavior
Who exactly sat down and wrote this guideline to life? I’ve seen the ‘deemed’ professionals ranging from various shades of superstardom, whether it be:
• Dr. Phil
• Montel Williams
• Maury
And various other talk show hosts that analyze and evaluate how society ‘should be’, the problem is there are so many variations of this ‘normal human being’ personality that I’ve seem to completely lose focus. What is normal anymore?
Society is a collaborated bias of opinion, and that is the very root of the problem. Favorable opinion doesn’t generate the label or ‘correct’, it only dictates the idea of being ‘popular’. I’ve read so many self-help books that I decided to not pay the rent simply to try and better myself, now the books can really help me when I burn them to keep me warm.
I Just Want to Be Accepted
The society standard of what’s acceptable is all over the place. The more you try to control the more likelihood there is for rebellion and the hovered concept of ‘outcast behavior’. When you just want to be normal it’s as if anything you do that isn’t deemed as completely morally right makes you a terrible person, well I simply can’t come to terms with that.
Isn’t life about exposure? The strongest adaptable points of our behavior coming from the mistakes we make and why we shouldn’t do them? Or is it more normal to simply be swayed by the opinion of those who like to dictate the terms of what should and shouldn’t be, when in fact all they share are words that are easy to agree about on account of being so innocent?
Imagine a world filled with people who never took risks, and did absolutely no wrong, and what would we be left with? Like it or not we would be the equivalent of a society of robots incapable of our own choices, and that would simply be boring.
Normal is What You Want it to Be
The quest to be normal is based on the image you paint inside your mind. If you feel you aren’t a normal kind of individual, chances are you probably aren’t. However, that doesn’t make you ‘not normal’, it simply makes you in regard to ‘public standards’ not normal. It doesn’t change the fact that to your standards you are beyond normal, you are the definition of it.
The concept of a label is one that dictates so many foundations of life and choice that when it is given too hard of a push it becomes a borderline corruption inside the idea of being an ‘individual’. When you can define normal send me a postcard because by the time we can all agree on it I’ll be inside a white padded cell because my head will need the genuine comfort of down-feather padding.
Society speaks and the World Listens
When a trend of sorts is marked ‘acceptable’ by society it becomes more than a trend, it becomes a popular thing people should strive to be. On the opposite spectrum of this idea, when an idea or trend is shunned it is labeled ‘weird’ or ‘different’. My point between the analysis of these two things is that each of these receive labels, one in a negative light, the other in the positive, but between the two where does normal have anything to do with either?
Normal is a standard we can set on ourselves and what we wish to be; the quest for normalcy is what one decides to make it for themselves.
An individual striving to change habits or various fragments of their personality, how does that make them any different from the person who is completely set with who they are? The very concept of self-improvement is more defined in the individual with problems and the pursuit to fix them. Wouldn’t it be safe to say the one striving to improve is more of a contribute toward society than the one that is simply lazy and says
“I’m great just the way I am”
Or by society standard is it a positive thing to feel accepting toward who we are as human beings and comfortable with what makes us that person. Something to think about isn’t it?
Why accept anything about ourselves when the world in itself is in constant improvement? Shouldn’t that be a notion in itself that we should be like an evolutionary wheel? Never set, never tame, always on the run toward change? Maybe it’s a contradiction that people and society expectations should be entirely separate concepts, or maybe we are far too down the line for that kind of adjustment and the idea of ‘error’ and ‘miscalculation’ is all part of being normal too.
Why Doubt When You can Just Agree
When you hear an accepted idea that has already become a standard in one way or another to shrug your head, whether you agree or not, is normal. Does that mean if you disagree you are against the idea of being normal? It certainly makes you different to not agree to the ‘popular’ analysis, but where is the separating moment between ‘different’ and ‘normal’, and what doesn’t allow them to be the same exact idea from a different point of perception?
When you hear an individual on a quest to become ‘normal’ the question rises once again, what does it really mean? Give me an answer to that and I’ll write you a self-help book that can actually contribute toward a better society as opposed to these compositions of literature that simply lead you on a path to replicate how the author thinks.
Taking into consideration the power of expression, the freedom of speech, and the overall idea of ‘individuality’ is far more than a simple reference point of what creates a personality. In fact, it’s the very components that create the art of being normal. When we quest to be normal, we actually quest to simply be ourselves, and for better or worse accept it is who we are. Normal can’t be defined because it falls far beyond the bounds of consistent definition and to grant anyone the power to label such a thing would simply require far too much money.
We are interesting and different in our own special ways. Our differences define individuals, they allow people to exceed in things that would otherwise be impossible on account of the fact that ‘talents’ in themselves are ‘differences’ from one person to another. Take away the difference, the unique, and the socially unacceptable and what remains is a plane composed of a large population that all think and act the same—and that, would be terrible.
“Am I right? Am I right? I mean come on Dr. you’ve been seeing me for how long? And how many books have you written from the notes you’ve taken down? Face it, you aren’t the knowledge behind those thoughts, you’re one of the boring robots I mentioned! If you could think for yourself you wouldn’t have to write down every little thing I said to simply make yourself seem like you’re worth employing to evaluate the degenerates of society like myself!”
At this point the Dr. began to shrug his shoulders and stare in disbelief. The argument of his patient has taken his mind by the corners of their creativity and forced him to listen. What was normal again anyway? Somewhere in between the rant he grasped a strong concept of it, and then it was lost from another brilliant point made. Who was trying to be normal anymore? Himself, or his patient?

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