The World I Once Knew


Title: The World I Once Knew

The wind chimes of the night
Played a melody inside
Caressing all the broken hopes
That lost their breath in stride
I tried to keep the demons in
They traced along my skin
With every scar, a lace of time
That celebrated sin

The pain inside became invoked
Each second wearing thin
The ticks of time became a mesh
Of light that slowly dimmed

Breathless and left incomplete
My heart chained to the floor
I’d push to last another day
But I can’t take much more

I’ve whispered prayer to myself
I’ve told the biggest lie
As my heart began to fade
I watched it slowly die

When it lost its core of need
Wound surfaced on the skin
And as I watched it slowly bleed
I watched the world spin

In the moment of last grasp
Left beaten, black, and blue
I watched the world slowly fade
The world I once knew


6 thoughts on “The World I Once Knew

    • Absolutely,
      I was thinking of going into an elementary school and giving them an introduction into poetry with this one and maybe another light-hearted one like… “Gates of Hell,” could be a really educational experience. Could maybe even make a point of traveling and going to one school at a time, anti-depressant medication sales would sky rocket, I figure by the time my tour was over I could get a job in sales with a pharmaceutical company.:)
      Thanks for checking it out.

      Liked by 1 person

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