Dear Diary Bring Back Society Standards


Dear Diary bring back Society Standards

Dear Diary,

Why does the world have such a tame approach toward a society that has lost its way? I found myself walking around today and it seemed like everywhere I looked the world has jumped farther and farther down the toilet. If there truly was a high and mighty lord up there, he would do us all a favor and flush half the population down the toilet, because what the hell has happened?

Society standards have become a tarnished has-been of a time. Society standards use to thrive on respect, yet anymore you have people who wear their clothing below their ass; and for those not having a clothing malfunction, you have the collection of people who feel that their opinion is the answer to everything, followed by the words “yeah son” or “hell yeah my brother”, Ouch.

Society standards are grim, makes you truly consider the real reason the older population is so happy and smiling all the time, they smile thinking, “thank god I don’t have to see where all this is going to lead to”. They came from a different era, and who can blame them for looking at our society standards and feeling like someone dropped a bomb that turned half the world into people who want to live the story that’s delivered in a ‘rap video’.

The concept of ‘cool’ has jumped off a cliff and died on account of trying to dodge the embarrassment of being associated with what constructs much of society anymore. I don’t say this out of ignorance, I too was once a gangsta, the difference, however, is that I was 13 and it has stayed in my memory since then.

The references I am making are people of the grown adult age group, and I mean, WTF?

If there was a virus that crippled and erased people who are on the mental level of a retarded chicken, our world would look like a batch of ghost towns. It would look like a pattern leading to extinction.

Acting like an asshole

First, acting like an asshole has different reasoning behind it. If you are opinionated, know a topic, and speak your opinion without the consideration of another’s thoughts on the subject, carry on! At least your actions have reasoning behind it. It’s the asshole who just thinks he’s a bad ass that is the problem. The ones with no inner inspiration and instead does that limp-walk criticizing everyone else for trying to have an original idea.

“Fo realz?”

Yes, fo realz, please go grab a fucking dictionary and work on your pronunciation for words that grown-ass adults should be able to say.

Thug life

Now, I’m going to address the whole thug mentality. I actually thoroughly enjoy people who like to take this kind of personality, but only under one circumstance: they understand the fucking persona.

From what I gather the italian version of a mafia man is the modern-day equivalent of ‘insert ethnic group, act bad ass’ and wallah, thug.

Now, with this in mind, this isn’t a matter of picking on people or acting like a general dick. The mafia kept together, wouldn’t take shit mind you, but wouldn’t run around picking on weak people, people with no ability to stand up for themselves, not unless they were the watchman on a bank vault and such.

So that brings the issue, what the fuck makes thugs ‘hard’ when they tease and pick on people who truly have nothing to respond with? They pick on people just trying to get through the day, and they leave the people alone that look like they could respond in an effective manner.

If you want to be a thug, be one, hold your own and mind your ‘boys’. You aren’t a thug because you are picking on someone who is underprivileged in life and making their day suck that much more. Pick on a marine, at least when he beats your ass you will get a life lesson out of it and learn to be a bit more humble.

I’m ranting, I really don’t have the energy to go much further with this because one cup of coffee simply doesn’t have the anxiety control it should have, just the awareness factor, but, society, what the fuck?

Wake up. Please give this world a fucking wake up call. It’s not fucked yet, not entirely, but it’s getting there.

4 thoughts on “Dear Diary Bring Back Society Standards

    • Thanks Craig-
      I’m glad you enjoyed this write up. Certain things you almost have to label them with “it is what it is” kind of taboo, might as well laugh at it.
      Hope all is well with you my friend. Travel-free times lately? Or has work been keeping you on the move?


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