Right Before My Eyes


Title: Right Before My Eyes 

I need a little room to see
Everything that has been
And what has broken me

I watched the wall cave
With nothing left to try to save
A broken link became a slave

To the pulse inside of me

These eyes are wearing thin
Tarnished with clouds of doubt
That spread across my sins

Until the day is sealed
Folded, left, shut away
With nothing left to feel

The day withered like a rose

The seams of a dream
Seem to be unraveling
Nothing as it seems

This sleeve continues to bleed
The pain that feeds
The hate that seethes

So, I continue to breathe
And take in what is happening

The air brushes on my skin
As faith is fading thin
Drifts as a value that I hymn

This cornerstone of me
The faith I try to see
And the truth that stands

Right before my eyes


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