Blind Detour


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Title: Blind Detour

I set my hopes aside to see
The fragments of my dreams to be
Scattered, poisons to a fate
Trapped by visions; bound by hate

Draped with blinds of broken time
As the silhouettes of yesterday

Cause my veins painted a way
Of words I never came to say
Scars told a story— tears the rest
The floorboards of the home a test

I laid there broken, blue and still
A puppet, starved, misguided will
Lack for control, that day that came
And found myself—a clench of shame

The shroud of loss claimed my soul
Steps held the faintest sound

Yesterday, so long ago
Remnants of the past, a familiar clue
The stitches that run along my eyes
I rip to remind— I’m still there for you

The scars on my body—the stain of the past
The reminder that I used to be somebody
The survivor of something more—a disgrace of my kind
A man walking still, as lost as the blind

The alleys hums familiar tune—
Cause this sound of solitude
You recognize it better—
When you’ve lost it all


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