Title: Story

The hurt is fading
The anger surfacing
The tongue that’s been tied
Is now forever stating

I’m being eaten alive
Influenced by the hating

The fatigue deep inside
Has carried into my eyes
And the weight intensifies
These breaths are wearing thin

The heart that’s on my sleeve
Has been cut, left to bleed
Now I’m left with a need
That I can’t seem to feed

Yet it reaches out to me

The loneliness is taming
The pain forever staining
The way I see the world
Is a bruise with endless shading

A wound linked to the world’s weeps

The wound has cut too deep
It’s been taking from my sleep
Yet each time I close my eyes
I lay my prayers down at my feet

It seems I’ve stopped believing
Held together, but I’m needing

This hole in my chest
A piece that is not healing
Can you tell me what I’m feeling
Crippled to a pain

That has left me kneeling

Take what is left of me
As a glimpse of something
That at one time was me

And craft it into a story
That it was meant to be


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