Expect nothing

The weight of the sky falls on my shoulders
With every year, a little bit older
The wisdom that dilates
The core of my eye
The breaking of heart, at the heart of a lie

I’ve drawn my breath to feel abused
Yet this time feels the same
Every step, every advance
Infused by the darkest imaginable pain

I sit back and take in air
Waiting for a soul to care
I reach without belief
I chase a dream, yet expect nothing


All That’s Left


I carved a story in a place
It gave a voice, but no face
The tale grim, it broke a soul
It spoke of loss, of no control
It spoke of time, mentioned loss
It spoke of gains, and the cost
I would know, it’s about me
And everything that couldn’t be

The way the world turned away
How the sun would fade at day
The night that seemed that much longer
Only made me that much stronger
The splinter that sat in my heart
A wound, alive, at the start

The loneliness that latched inside
The pain I chose to never hide
I put my heart out on my sleeve
To watch the world make it seize
That taste, that need, for something more
And the will to lose belief

As steps are taken forward
The past pulls me to a place
To view the things I hate to face

The things that make me, me

Feel the pulse inside my chest
The fight to cherish what is left
I can’t lose much more

I’m all that’s left inside


A hole is resting in my chest
Torn from the veil
The pain inside intensifies
I’m left here standing pale

The defeat is overwhelming
Strained inside my veins
I can’t seem to get away
It all sure looks the same

The gloom has filled behind my eyes
The loss is building still
And I would try to say a prayer
But my faith’s been killed

As this loneliness builds in my chest
Reminding me of what is left
I can’t take my eyes away
To pass to see another day

So, as you will watch me fall
Take it all in stride
The many starless, empty nights
That I laid and cried

I held on as best I could
Yet I can’t take much more
Inside is a broken mess
And it is far too sore

Take my hand and stand with me
Pretend to just be there
Remind me of the simple things
Like what it is to care

As the loss trails in my eyes
And wishes me away
I will be the whisper kept
That’s found another day


This chandelier of broken dreams
Twists with binds of fate
Reflecting visions of a time
Engraved with endless hate

The cast that rests inside my eyes
Like a broken stem
The loss inside, too much to hide
All that could have been

The ache that gets beneath my skin
Trails empty veins
When thoughts of living were too filled
With the simple pains

Seconds rest and fade away
They stretch into a mile
Spreading to all that is me
As I live on this denial

All That’s Left

The final breath latches tight
The pain spread well into the night
The pulse inside, a broken tide
A beat that’s lost, I hold and hide

This sense of being alive
Breaks inside and somehow ties
This need I sense in me
Cut wide open, left to bleed

As I spill onto the floor
Inside aches, a living sore
The trail of a sign
Of a life I once called mine

Break into the end
The dark is shading
Life is pretend

As it eats me alive
Capture my eyes
Distort my cries

Inside can’t take much more
This fight inside, what is it for?

As I take a final breath
Hold to my chest all that’s left.