Captured Tear

The shadows cast a tie
Knit into my skin
As they pierced my innocence
I embraced my sin

The feeling left my heart
It spread into my veins
As each second counted down
I became my pain

Eyes that speak with words
The trials they have passed
All the winding roads of life
Most never meant to last

The pulse inside is dropping
I stand knowing of my loss

The wind passes over me
The loss that no one really sees
Yet inside I know
I know the end is soon to be

As the walls inside collapse
The pain unwinds, me on my back
I lay here with a knowing
The pain I reap is the future showing

Take my hand and walk with me
Take in the torment that rests inside
As you capture a tear here knowing
It’s the final breath and final cry

It is the breath… That makes me disappear.

Let me know your thoughts

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