A hole is resting in my chest
Torn from the veil
The pain inside intensifies
I’m left here standing pale

The defeat is overwhelming
Strained inside my veins
I can’t seem to get away
It all sure looks the same

The gloom has filled behind my eyes
The loss is building still
And I would try to say a prayer
But my faith’s been killed

As this loneliness builds in my chest
Reminding me of what is left
I can’t take my eyes away
To pass to see another day

So, as you will watch me fall
Take it all in stride
The many starless, empty nights
That I laid and cried

I held on as best I could
Yet I can’t take much more
Inside is a broken mess
And it is far too sore

Take my hand and stand with me
Pretend to just be there
Remind me of the simple things
Like what it is to care

As the loss trails in my eyes
And wishes me away
I will be the whisper kept
That’s found another day


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