All That’s Left


I carved a story in a place
It gave a voice, but no face
The tale grim, it broke a soul
It spoke of loss, of no control
It spoke of time, mentioned loss
It spoke of gains, and the cost
I would know, it’s about me
And everything that couldn’t be

The way the world turned away
How the sun would fade at day
The night that seemed that much longer
Only made me that much stronger
The splinter that sat in my heart
A wound, alive, at the start

The loneliness that latched inside
The pain I chose to never hide
I put my heart out on my sleeve
To watch the world make it seize
That taste, that need, for something more
And the will to lose belief

As steps are taken forward
The past pulls me to a place
To view the things I hate to face

The things that make me, me

Feel the pulse inside my chest
The fight to cherish what is left
I can’t lose much more

I’m all that’s left inside


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