Title: Stand 

I sew with fates in hand
A voice with need to take a stand
I am the frail inner voice
The shadow in the white of noise
I am the push inside
When everything has run to hide

I am retribution
When the blade is in the back

The pendulum of life’s pitfalls
Weighs you down until you crawl
Loss devours this inner power
Left as a shell that’s gone sour

These eyes foretell a living hell
The taste stained to my lips
The hopes inside stand withered
The stable things slowly slip

Broken to the rotten core
And I can’t stand to take much more

This smile, clearly so senile
Connected to my inner pain
While I smile, still insane
The world decays, dead and plain

Darkness wrapped around my heart
The poisoned ground for a fresh start

As the flower fades to black
A broken dream between the cracks
I will stand forever
As I watch you turn your back



The Calm


Title: The Calm 

Shadows eclipsed my broken mind
For every fragment i could find
Left nothing to believe in
Left every breath incomplete
With hopes laid to rest at my feet
The fog begins to clear
The pain latched to my heart
Begins to slowly disappear

I can taste the breath of something new
It leads me far away
The wound inside begin to close
And fades like yesterday

The scars that lace me still
Stand the product of my will
They tell the story of a pain
That left a man never the same
As I look back to this time
The answers I could never find
Now drift without a cause
No need for what’s not meant to be

I reach down to the ground
This time is void of any sound
Yet I can rest while knowing
Without a clue
Where things are going

I can feel the calm inside
That whispers of a better place
As the wind invigorates
And breathes new life for me to face



Title: Skin

The gloom is over my head
All the confessions I’ve said
Craft this blanket of dread
And each step echoes, at least to me

All these things that I see
The hopes left to bleed
A broken conscience that seethes
I still taste the loss on my lips

The numb that travels my fingertips
The wounds that close with a little stitch
The voice inside, internal itch
Cast with a need for something more

The night is in pure disarray
The words not there to try to say
When everything that makes the day
Is something beyond a grasping point

If I should shed my skin
Embrace myself with darkened sin
Will you meet my eyes
When they are black holes of nothing

Or will you need to look away?


I can feel the anger
It seethes inside my bones
It fixates my interest
When I am all alone

I can feel the tension
It spreads across my skin
It tastes of life’s impurities
Originating sin

As the grin begins
It spreads across my face
As my eyes mislead lies
Won’t you have a taste?

I will take your interest
And grind it to the ground
As inside turns into nothing
The pain will spread without a sound

A Common Day

The pain grinds in my bones
The past a broken nail
The pain theat surges inside
From when hope has set sail

The tears that flow inside
Drift into a trench
As hope inside soon collides
My chest what’s left to clench

The scars that lace inside of me
The person I could never be
The blinks that break with whispers
And leave me to a broken place

When the life inside, soon subsides
I reach to fall away
And everything I thought I knew
Fades inside the common day