Sorry it has been a while since I posted anything new, been handling quite a few things and just haven’t been in a place where I could really write anything that would read quite the way I wanted it to.


Title: Sorrow

A broken design
Everything’s unfamiliar
At loss at the time
In this world I face
I forget what it’s like
A fresh breath, a clean taste
Without the attachment
Of this thing called sorrow

Things are getting under my skin
I’m at the mercy for something more

A flood builds behind my eyes
Yet the more I try to hide
The more I lose myself
In this jagged uncertainty
Is there really a place for me?
Each step I take, feels too late
I’m left standing beside myself

This weight inside is firmly tied
A heart that drags through memorie’s tide

I can taste the hurt in my throat
The impulse, an internal choke
The words suffocating as they’re thought
Yet we think them anyway

It’s that search for a feeling
When there is nothing left
It’s the tears that fall
That paint our regrets
It’s the image at the end
That leaves us bitter and frail

The heartbreak is seething
This carved misfortune of a personal tale

Take a breath just to breathe
Take a step just to see
It’s these reminders we’re alive
When everything else feels dead inside


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