The World That Rests Inside


Title: The World That Rests Inside 

When the world takes the light
And steals it from your eyes
Your heart may skip a mile
I’ll be the one that’s standing by

And if you find yourself confused
I’ll be the hand that’s heals
The shoulder where you can lean
When you forget how to feel

Cause you make this worth it
You show me how it is to live

If the world should end today
I’ll dress up for the part
Yesterday’s so long ago
Only minutes for my heart

I’ll cast a wish into the night
In hope that I will dream
The stars that line the sky
And all the things between

A breath of air is all I need
And a little time with you

Every steps a memory
A time that marks our mind
Every scars a tale
For the things we couldn’t find

For everything that’s meant to be
And everything inside me

It’s that one breath of air
That can change the world that rests inside


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