The Calm


Title: The Calm 

Shadows eclipsed my broken mind
For every fragment i could find
Left nothing to believe in
Left every breath incomplete
With hopes laid to rest at my feet
The fog begins to clear
The pain latched to my heart
Begins to slowly disappear

I can taste the breath of something new
It leads me far away
The wound inside begin to close
And fades like yesterday

The scars that lace me still
Stand the product of my will
They tell the story of a pain
That left a man never the same
As I look back to this time
The answers I could never find
Now drift without a cause
No need for what’s not meant to be

I reach down to the ground
This time is void of any sound
Yet I can rest while knowing
Without a clue
Where things are going

I can feel the calm inside
That whispers of a better place
As the wind invigorates
And breathes new life for me to face

Let me know your thoughts

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