Fading Promise

The flood inside my heart
Is causing it to drown
For every bitter truth
A broken part of me is found

The chip that’s on my shoulder
A trace of inner wound
The time that lasts forever
And the end that came too soon

The nightmares that I’m seeing
Are all that I’m believing

The shred of hope behind my eyes
Can’t cure the cold that rests inside
With every breath, a broken vow
A step toward where I’m standing now

And the whisper, a foreign call
Saying how I’ve lost it all

Id spill my feelings to the floor
They rest inside, an open sore
Yet I am bound, forgotten now
The memory without a sound

The cold that’s perched on the mind
The peace that’s never there to find
The hope that leads to days decay
And the things we can’t forget

The fading promise
Of everything that couldn’t be


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