Tuck it Away

What’s left inside me?
You’d think I’d know
As the past surrounds
And puts on some kind of show
The doubt inside
Lives right through my eyes
You’d think I’d hide
It’s among the list, I’ve tried

I’m a break, I’m a crack, I run along the seam
I’m the scar of a time where you look away
Just what am I?
I’m a noose, I’m an end to a bitter race
I’m a pain you can’t live
That you can’t seem to face
I’m the path you can’t see that is meant to be
Everything in between is so much more to me

You can’t place a label
You can’t understand
The me that is me, a thing without a plan
The fading undertow that lives inside
The pressure of a time I could only hide

I’m a loss, I’m a nail left in the wall
I’m defeated hopes that continue to crawl
I’m the peace of a time left hanging there
I’m the taste of a time dosed with despair
The ignite of a loss beyond repair

I’m the night, I’m the sky, I’m the living lie
The loss that brings life to a brand new high
I’m the grin, I’m the wall, I’m the breaking bone
I’m the chime that reminds I’m all alone
I’m the sign of a time of what use to be
I’m the flag of tag of misery

As I let it all in, I let it all go
Without a place to be
Or place to know
The pain burrows in, scars to my skin
I taste the loss of what’s not meant to be
Although it meant the world to me

I sweep it all in stride, one with the night
And feel the wind tuck it away

Let me know your thoughts

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