River of Moonlight

Sitting down by the park
Playing on the strings of my heart
Doesn’t seem to mean a thing
When I’m so spread apart
I tried to take a breath
To feel nothing left
And still I cry for rest
And yet it seems my best
Isn’t good enough for me

It takes a second look
To see the pain inside
The latch I cover up
A silly a hope to hide
As wind can come and go
The things will never know
The things will pass away
To hide this big old hole

I’ll take a second breath
I’ll take a chance to see
I will lift my head for a
Chance of make believe

Cause as I’m standing here
No, I can’t look ahead
The words that never came
The things I never said

Still I’m standing here
Hope is somewhere near
But I’m too blind to tell
I would take a step
And taste upon the fear
Yet I’m knee deep in hell

Will you just promise me
If only to believe
Just try to hold me tight
As the fear inside
Comes alive and soon collides
I need to make this right

As i lay here staring out
Into the river of a moonlight

Let me know your thoughts

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